Institutional strengthening for better management of healthcare

The client
Our client on this assignment was a USAID, United Nations and World Health Organisation (WHO) programme working to improve the quality of health services provided in government public health facilities at the grassroots.  
​Apart from the provision of medical supplies and equipment, the project identified several other areas relating to the management of health facilities as major determinants to the quality of healthcare public health facilities are able to deliver to local communities.
The project we were working with client was tasked with developing institutional capacity for the provision of high quality healthcare in district health facilities.  In addition to the various technical areas of institutional strengthening that the client was working on, the client needed to work through various other partnerships with advisory partners appropriately suited to build non-medical technical capacity in diverse areas. 
Client requirements
One of the areas that the client needed to work through such partnership was "hospital management", which included business process design, operational efficiency, people management and asset utilization, and for which the client engaged our advisory services.
Our approach
We structured work on the assignment into three components:
1.  Business process design and operational efficiency
2.  Financial management
3.  Management and supervisory capacity
In addition to the development of hospital management models in the above areas and the accompanying human resource capacity building,  we worked with the client to pilot the proposed operating models in four areas: casualty, clinical operations, lab, and pharmacy.
Significant outcomes
Our role on this assignment was supportive, since the client was the one ultimately responsible for the programmes deliverables.  In this role, we were able to satisfactorily deliver the outputs detailed in the project's Terms of Reference, as input into the client's overall project objectives.

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