Localising clean energy advisory solutions

The client
Our client on this assignment was a international advisory firm in climate change and clean energy, seeking to establish a reliable framework within which it would grow and diversify its advisory services.  As an advisory firm, it was also important that the client reviews its capacity to sustainably deliver suitably targeted and differentiated professional services in this highly technical area of work.  We were specifically working with the firm's local operation in Kenya, but which had various projects across East and Central Africa.
Climate change and clean energy is an increasingly growing concern across the world, and with highly accelerated funding, integration with government policies across the world, the client realised the need to position themselves accordingly, so as maintain relevance within shifting funding priorities especially, and therefore be able to sustainably deliver the services they offered. 
Client requirements
The client needed to review its growth strategy to determine its positioning within a global network of affiliate firms that sometimes found themselves competing for resources.  More importantly, the client needed to determine a suitable model within which it would relate across its operations in China, Central Europe, Asia, North America, and in Africa, providing for independent growth of each operation, without losing the cohesion of an international organisation.
Our approach
We started by reviewing the firm’s global strategy and positioning and how this was expected to impact on regional and local operations in Europe, Asia, North America and in Africa.
In addition, we also undertook comprehensive evaluation of the Kenyan firm’s strategic positioning within the global network of sister advisory firms, as well as relative to local and regional competition.
Based on the understanding obtained from the above analysis, we developed a local strategy through which the client would enhance the following;
1.  Internal  advisory capacity
2.  Supporting technology
3.  Business development
Significant outcomes
Following this assignment, the client significantly strengthened their position within the global network of firms, within other, international competitors, and within the local competition.  This was measured by the client's proposal conversion rate, grant received, fund efficiency, and the level of engagement with key partners among other measures. 
As part of this assignment, the client also obtained a comprehensive corporate performance management framework, within which they were able to reliably monitor and evaluate performance against set targets for the planning period.

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