Manufacturers' threats from finished goods

The client
Our client on this assignment was a local electrical engineering, manufacturing and project management solutions company, employing over two hundred people, and with a substantial investment in plant and machinery for the manufacture of both domestic and industrial electrical fittings.
Increased local and international competition, especially from imported finished goods was putting immense pressure on the this client, eroding its profitability and threatening its survival.  The client had obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification and implemented various other quality management initiatives to try and match the quality of various imported products that were beginning to erode their market share.
Client requirements
The client was looking for a suitable advisory partner who would manage the certification process, and provide necessary guidance on development of the many internal performance standards that they were keen to develop as part of their strategic positioning.
Our approach
In consultation with the CEO and the company’s senior management, we developed comprehensive project plans for the quality certification process, conducted training in various aspects of Quality and Quality Management, as well as offered advisory on strategic positioning on quality as a the business' primary differentiator.
Significant outcomes
The client successfully attained the various desired ISO standards, and also implemented the various planned internal quality management systems, which saw the company significantly improve its quality and operational efficiency, redefine its markets segments, increase its profitability, and significantly grow its market share in its newly defined market segments.
Building on the capabilities and successes obtained in its Kenya operation, the client went on to become an internationally successful electrical and precision sheet metal manufacturer.
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