Optimising medical supply logistics through improved information management

The client
Our client on this assignment was an international development organization involved in international medical supplies and aid logistics, which involved the distribution of food, medical and emergency supplies across Europe, Africa and South America.  
For a long time, CLIENT had maintained independent operations in at least three countries in Europe, two in Asia, six in Africa, and another three in South America, each of which managed their stocks and supplies through a mix of manual and electronic data applications.  The client's ability to respond to emergency situations was determined by how much stock of the medical supplies the client could quickly reach, drawing from the warehouses nearest to the emergency.
Apart from the logistical coordination of these operations being hugely expensive, inaccuracies in records relating to various supplies were rendering the client increasingly inefficient and in some cases impacting on their ability to effectively respond to the various situations they were expected to respond to.
Client requirements
Following approval of a substantial budget to procure an integrated project management and logistics system, the client was looking for a reliable partner that would take the lead in project assurance starting with the determination of the project’s requirements, system capability requirements, vendor evaluation and engagement, project implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
Our approach
We worked in close consultation with the client in the following areas to obtain the desired solution:
1.    Process mapping of the client's project management and logistics operations
2.   Gap analysis in the existing information management systems across the sites that the client was present
3.  Determination of the client's data and information management process requirements
4.  Specification of optimum system requirements to match the client's data and information management process requirements
5.   Preparation of procurement bid documents and the evaluation of tenders
6.  Vendor negotiation
7.  Monitoring and evaluation of system implementation to completion
Significant outcomes
The client successfully migrated to an integrated project management and logistics system, which by being globally accessible from all locations that the client maintained presence significantly enhanced operational efficiency, brought down operating expenses, enhanced data and information integrity and on the whole made the client that much more effective in responding to aid, rescue and emergency situations.

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