Strategic impact of a members' association

The client 
Our client on this assignment was an umbrella body of a segment of private sector investors and related stakeholders, bringing together over six other member Associations representing the trade interests of investor members especially.
As with most such Associations, the client’s objective is to be bring together industry stakeholders in furtherance of their industry’s interests, focusing particularly on industry growth, fair play, lobbying for a more suitable regulatory regime,  and to present a single point of engagement with the industry.
The client’s industry had recorded considerable growth against several setbacks, which led the client board and CEO to the need for a review of the role that the client was playing in advancing the industry and the benefits that member Associations were obtaining from the umbrella body. 
Client requirements
The client needed to establish a new strategic direction through a five-year strategic plan, which the respective member Associations would be responsible to deliver.
Our approach
We assembled an industry workshop for the over fifty CEOs from within the industry, who in addition to forming the industry member Association’s leadership, were themselves investors in the industry.
This workshop analysed industry performance, with the specific objective of identifying suitable strategic approaches to various challenges that were facing the industry, as well areas in which the industry could obtain synergy in pursuit of agreed strategic goals.
This workshop was followed by a more detailed planning process, which delivered the federation’s five-year strategic plan.  This was put in the hands of the federation’s CEO, who, through the respective member Associations was responsible for the attainment of clearly set out industry performance targets.
As part of this process, we conducted corporate governance training for the client’s member Associations.  It was intended that by enhancing governance and management in the respective member Associations, the federation as the industry’s umbrella body, would find it that much easier to obtain synergy as it pursued industry-wide initiatives.
Significant outcomes
The client consistently pursued the set strategic objectives for the industry, and achieved over 80% of set targets.
Big improvements have been realized in the industry with respect to governance especially, which the client had identified as a key area of improvement.  Other areas in which the client improved significantly included compliance, which the client improved by engaging with the government and other private sector stakeholders as set out in the strategic plan.

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