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Roberto Goizueta's response to a monumental growth challenge

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Three things count in a private profit enterprise: growth, profitability and return to shareholders.  Everything else is designed to maximise these three.
The Coca-Cola company is the world's leading carbonated soft drink company, selling beverage products in over 200 countries across the world, and accounting for 1.6 billion of the 50 billion beverage servings of all types consumed worldwide every day.​
Immersed in its determination to outdo its key competitor, Pepsi, Coca-Cola had never stopped to ask itself the all important question "In what business are we"?
Having registered that the average fluid intake of the average American was 14 ounces, out of which only 2 ounces was Coke, Roberto Goizeuta set his sights on the 12 ounces exposed beverage market, ferociously invading the water, tea, coffee, milk and fruit juices market, so that anyone that felt like drinking something reached out for a Coca-Cola product.

With no further reference to Pepsi, Coca-Cola revenues and market share took a quantum leap, with the value of the company's common shares rising by more than 3,500%!  Roberto Goizeuta left Coca-Cola upon his death in October 1997, but his impact on Coca-Cola's performance will continue to be felt for a long, long time.
What view do you have of your current growth challenge?

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