Finance for non-finance specialists


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Finance for non-finance specialists

   Course Title. Business Finance ​(PLATINUM)

   Duration. ​3 Days

   Venue. Holiday Inn, Two Rivers, Nairobi

  1. How satisfied are you with the financial performance of areas over which you are responsible in your organisation?

  2. What are your responsibilities for the financial performance of your organisation as a member of the leadership team?

  3. What level of financial management should you get involved in to achieve the results you desire in your area of responsibility?

  4. How useful is the contribution you are making to your organisation’ financial performance and overall sustainability?

  5. How confident do you feel engaging in financial discussions, or negotiations, relating to your areas of responsibility?

Course brief

If these questions bring to your mind areas that you feel you need to improve in, you are guaranteed to find great value in this high-impact Business Finance programme.

The programme will address financial awareness needs for business leaders and corporate managers responsible for directing organisational performance, but who do not require detailed knowledge, or experience in accounting or finance in their roles. It will take you through a variety of planning, analysis and case study activities that will give you vital insights into your organisation, as well as support your management and organisational leadership activities.

Key areas that this course will cover include the following:

  • determining key financial objectives in your area of responsibility
  • understanding the story behind the numbers presented to you, or that you present to others
  • financial justification of management decisions in your organisation
  • financial interests for business leaders
  • optimising cash flows, cost and revenue margins
  • options in financing investment
  • enterprise budgeting and financial planning
  • evaluating investment and expansion decisions

  • By the end of learning and planning activities on this programme participants will be able to:

i. determine your organisation's financial performance objectives, and especially those of the areas you control

ii. articulate your organisation' financial performance objectives from a non-technical view

iii. review the scope of your leadership and responsibility for financial performance in your organisation

iv. read, and usefully interpret financial statements and management reports

v. integrate operational decisions with enterprise-wide financial plans

vi. competently evaluate your organisation’s development and expansion strategies

vii. minimise financial risks that your organisation may be exposed to

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  • Project management
  • SME Lending for Credit Officers
  • Corporate Planning and Performance Modelling
  • Leadership and management skills development

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Registrations are closed
Date & Time
Tuesday, 4 July 2023
Start - 05:00 (UTC)
Thursday, 6 July 2023
End - 14:00 (UTC)

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